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Civil law, or civil litigation, is the non-criminal legal action that seeks to resolve a dispute between two or more parties. These resolutions can be sought in a traditional courtroom setting and through other means like arbitration or mediation.


These are cases taken to court by the parties themselves. who are often seeking a solution through monetary compensation or other forms of relief. These cases are not a result of an arrest by to police.


Civil litigation can be complex and unpredictable. It is important to have a team that understands you and can help represent your best interests. Whether you a plaintiff or a defendant, from consultation to legal representation, we are ready to work with you and help you find the peace and justice you deserve.


Loa Law has over 25 years of experience in civil law. Our team can help you decide if suing or civil legal action is the right choice for you.


Talk to us today and let us help you evaluate your dispute, explore your options, and help put you on the path to resolution.


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