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The Law Offices of Richard Loa can help you with a variety of matters when facing criminal charges.  As a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Mr. Loa will fight for your legal rights, arrange for bail, provide court representation, and negotiate with the prosecution, and take the matter to jury trial if necessary.


Richard Loa is a former Alternate Public Defender and Alternate Defense Counsel.  He is also former Commissioner for Board of Prison Terms.

For clients who cannot afford to pay legal fees upon retaining, we can accommodate payment plans.



The American System of Justice guarantees that the person charged with a crime be protected by the Constitution of the United States & California.  The defendant is protected best by an attorney who aggressively defends and fights for his client.  This may require the prosecution to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before a jury.  Richard has tried many cases from misdemeanors to homicides.  He is prepared to represent his client to the best of his ability before the criminal justice system based on his lengthy and varied experience.

Richard Loa is an effective and aggressive trial attorney. He is an expert at details and taking facts from police reports, investigation reports, and prior testimony to aggressively challenge prosecution witnesses to identify inconsistencies in testimony yielding favorable verdicts. Click here for sample cases.


California laws of Drunk Driving represent a variety of matters related to driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, or while a driver’s mental faculties are otherwise impaired.  In the State of California, drunk driving laws are complex!

Do not try to resolve the matter on your own.


In order to protect your rights and freedoms, you not only need to hire a lawyer, but one who specializes in DUI/DWI defense.   Richard Loa has three decades of experience and has represented hundreds of cases as both DUI attorney and DWI attorney in Los Angeles County. 

An important step in DUI defense is to schedule a DMV hearing to determine whether there is probable cause for the DUI arrest, was the driver lawfully arrested, and was the person arrested actually driving with more than .08% of alcohol in the blood.  However, this hearing must be scheduled within 10 days after the arrest.  



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